[Warning] IP address ‘’ could not be resolved: Name or service not known

Getting Warning Messages in MYSQL.log file.

[Warning] IP address ‘XX.XX.XX.XXcould not be resolved: Name or service not known.

Now question is why this warning message captured in MYSQL log file.

First we have to check the IP address or domain is internal or external. If the Users are not authorised users than we have to check the firewall port (3306) wether it is blocked or not for outside network and when you create a MySQL user  “ABC@abc.com” or “ABC@XX.XX.XX.XX” than MySQL has to do a reverse lookup on every IP address.

To fix this warning we need to add the parameter skip-host-cache and skip-name-resolve in my.cnf file.


Once added in “My.cnf” file than restart the MySQL service to apply the same.


Hope this resolve your concerns.

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